Program Extension Request Form (Advisor)

Instructions to complete the form

International students who need additional time to complete their degree requirements are eligible to apply for an extension of their immigration documents. In order to maintain their status, they must apply for this extension before their current immigration document expires. In their program extension application, they must include a letter from their academic advisor that contains the following information:

  • The student is making normal progress toward completing the degree
  • The legitimate reasons for the delay
  • The new anticipated date of completion

Examples of possible reasons a student might need a program extension: • Student ran into unexpected delays with thesis/dissertation research • Student changed research topics • Student added a second major or a minor that resulted in additional required coursework • Student had a documented illness

If you support the student’s extension, please provide this letter to the student (suggested format can be found below in the “Tips” section) upon their request.


Suggested Format for Academic Advisor Letter

Department Letterhead


This letter is to request an extension of (Name of International Student)’s immigration document. I am (Student)’s academic advisor and can confirm that he/she is making normal progress toward completion of the academic program. The student needs the program to be extended because (List legitimate reason for the delay here). The student is expected to complete all program requirements in (Semester). Please extend this student’s immigration document to (month/day/year.)

Name of Academic Advisor