Congratulations on your admission to CSU!

We are thrilled to have you join the Ram Family, and wish to offer any assistance we can before you arrive. Below are some resources to help get you started. Information can also be found in the Pre-Arrival Guide, which you should receive in the mail with your immigration document.

Visit the Transportation Page for more information on Airport Transportation

Obtain Immigration Documents

Required Documents to be Issued an I-20 or DS-2019

Immigration Information

You will complete the immigration information as part of your application to CSU. Here you will specify:

  • Your sources of financial support and an affidavit of support from a family member or friend
  • The address of where you want your immigration document shipped
  • Your current US visa status, if applicable
  • Information about your dependents

If you are a returning student or applying to the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine program, you will submit the Immigration Document Request Form to ISSS instead.

Financial Support Documents

Immigration documents (I-20 or DS-2019) can only be sent to admitted students whose financial support information has been received, verified, and approved.

I-20 Immigration Document for F-1 Students:

In order to be issued an I-20 immigration document, a student’s financial documentation must demonstrate the ability to pay the full cost of attendance for one full academic year. Please see the Estimated Expense Form for more information on cost of attendance. 

DS-2019 Immigration Document for J-1 Students:

In order to be issued a DS-2019 immigration documents, a student’s documentation must show enough funding to cover the duration of the document. For example: If financial documentation is only demonstrated for 1 year, than the DS-2019 can only be issued for 1 year.

Acceptable financial documents:

Bank statement or loan document:

  • Your document should be in English.
  • The name and address of the bank must be listed.
  • Your name or your sponsor’s name(s) must be on the letter or bank statement and must match the name(s) listed on your affidavit of support.
  • Financial documentation must be dated within 12 months of the start of your program of study.
  • Example bank statement

Financial guarantee from sponsoring government or organization:

  • The letter must match the student’s intended major and term of admission.
  • Financial documentation must be dated within 12 months of the start of your program of study.

Scholarship or assistantship letter:

  • Must include the dates valid, specific amount of financial support and/or what benefits are included
  • Must be written on official letterhead
  • Example assistantship letter

Copy of Passport

A copy of the ID page of your passport will be needed before the Office of International Programs can issue your immigration documents.

If you are bringing dependents (a spouse or children), copies of their passports will also be needed.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the start of your program.

After Submission

All communication from CSU will be via the email address used when your application to CSU was submitted. You will receive regular email communication from our office. If you are not receiving emails from our office, please check the email address you have listed on your RAMweb account.

When your documents (I-20 or DS-2019) are ready, you will receive an email from our office to confirm your shipping address.

If you have further questions, please contact us at with your name and CSU ID number.

Prepare Finances

Plan ahead and bring enough accessible money for initial living expenses. Visit our Finances page to get more information on estimated expenses, banking and payment options and financial aid for international students.

In order to avoid late fees, make plans to pay tuition and fees before the semester deadline. Click the provided link for more information on Paying your Bill.

Create your eID and log in to RamWeb

Your first step to become part of the CSU community is to create an electronic ID (eID). Make sure to have your CSUID number, which is available in your Applicant Status.

Your eID allows you to access RamWeb, the CSU student portal. Among other things, you may use RamWeb to:

  • register for classes
  • check grades
  • pay account balances
  • find student job listings
  • find your unofficial transcript

It’s important to log in to RamWeb now to see if you have any steps to complete before you are Registration Ready (allowed to enroll in classes).

Creating an eID will also create your email address. Be sure to check this account regularly (or forward it to your preferred email), as all important student notifications will be sent to this address.

Complete Health and Insurance Tasks

CSU Health Network has a New Student Checklist, please review these requirements and complete the appropriate tasks.

Before registering for classes, you must show proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella by submitting immunization records or laboratory proof of immunity. Before leaving your hometown, you should also consult with your family members or your doctor and complete your health history and tuberculosis screening information.  All requirements can be accessed and submitted through the CSU Student Health Portal.

Health Insurance: You will be automatically enrolled in CSU Health Insurance. Learn more about benefits, services and coverage dates here. (Note that if you are a Sponsored Student and have insurance through your Sponsor, we may automatically waive this requirement- you will learn more at orientation)

New Student Requirements & Recommendations

To keep our campus healthy and safe, there are several tasks all new students must complete. The steps are outlined on the CSU Health Network New Student Checklist. The following is a broad overview of the requirements and recommendations for new students. Follow the links for more detailed information about each.

Submit Immunization Records
Due by the 1st day of class
MMR required for all students.
Meningococcal (ACWY) vaccine required for students living in on-campus housing.

Complete Health Forms
Due by the 1st day of class
Required for all students.

Fulfill the Health Insurance Requirement
Before the 10th day of class
Required for all international students.

Consider RamCare Supplemental Program
Enroll by the 10th day of class
Recommended for students with private health insurance.

Complete the Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault Program
Due by the 1st day of class
Required for all admitted students (Except INTO students).
* Transfer students of any age who have taken Haven at another institution will need to repeat this course at CSU.

Complete the AlcoholEdu Program
Due by the 1st day of class
Required for all students under age 23 (Except INTO students).
* Transfer students under age 23 who have taken AlcoholEdu at another institution will need to repeat this course at CSU.

For more information about CSU Health Network services or requirements for new students, visit to

Secure Housing

It’s important that you make housing arrangements as early as possible once you know you’ll be attending CSU.

First-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus and guaranteed housing. First-year graduate students are encouraged to live on campus, but there is no requirement to do so.

Visit our Housing page to get more information on requirements and options available to international students.

Register for Classes

All new students are assigned advising codes. This 6-digit number is required before registering and is given to you when you are advised. Undergraduate students, you will learn how to be advised by completing the online International Student Pre-Orientation Module. Graduate students, you will learn how to be advised by reaching out to your graduate department coordinator, who can put you in contact with your advisor.

Once you have your advising code, you may register for classes!

  1. Log onto RAMweb.
  2. Click “Registration” on your RAMweb homepage.
  3. On the next page, select the correct Registration Term, and then click “Submit”.
  4. To locate classes, click on the Class Search at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page. Once you have selected your class(es), click the checkbox beside the sections you want to register for, or type the five-digit Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) for the courses you have selected into the CRN boxes at the bottom.
  5. Click “Submit Changes”.
  6. All successfully added courses will appear under Current Schedule with a status of Registered or Registered on Web with the date.
  7. Any courses for which registration was not successful will appear just above the Add Classes Worksheet and will be identified with a red octagon and the heading of Registration Add Errors.

You may wish to explore the classes being offered each semester before trying to register for them; see the Class Schedule.

The Registrar provides further instructions on registering for classes, as well as a timeline of important dates.

Sign up for Orientation

Fully-admitted students are required to attend International Student Orientation, an exciting opportunity to learn about CSU and build your new community on campus. Learn more about your specific orientation program and sign up at the links below:

International Graduate Orientation

Undergraduate Ram Orientation for International Students

INTO CSU Orientation

Arrange Transportation

Getting to Fort Collins

Visit the Transportation Page for more information on Airport Transportation

Drop off locations

There are several drop-off points in Fort Collins depending on time of arrival. We recommend getting dropped off at your residence, if you are able to move in upon arrival. If arriving during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), you may wish to be dropped off at the CSU Transit Center on campus, which will cost less than a personal location.

Make sure to arrange temporary or long-term housing before you arrive, so you can decide where to be dropped off. Visit our Housing webpage for information about housing options and resources.


After getting off the plane, you can expect to need at least 20 minutes to collect checked baggage plus an additional 20 minutes to navigate the airport and find the shuttle pickup location. Students who miss the last shuttle to Fort Collins will need to stay overnight in Denver at a hotel near the airport at their own expense.