Optional Practical Training Form (Advisor)

Instructions to complete the form

  1. In order to verify the accuracy of the program completion date the student has indicated in their OPT application, ISSS requests verification from an Academic Advisor who is familiar with the student’s progress. If you are familiar with the student’s progress and believe the student will complete program requirements on the date listed, please click on the link provided in your email and submit the eForm.
  2. If the student is still enrolled in coursework and may need to repeat a class, please include a comment. ISSS will have a discussion with the student recommending that they postpone the submission of their OPT application since it is difficult to withdraw once they have applied, and they cannot fully utilize the benefit if they have outstanding coursework requirements after their OPT begins.
  3. After you submit the eForm, ISSS will be automatically notified so that we can begin processing the student’s request.


You can click here to see a preview of the form.


  • Most F-1 students are eligible for 12 – 36 months of temporary employment called optional practical training (OPT) available at each degree level. The employment must be directly related to the student’s major area of study.
  • F-1 students may apply for post-completion optional practical training up to 90 days before their program completion, and due to USCIS processing times it is usually recommended that they submit their application the full 90 days in advance.
  • For the purposes of the student’s OPT application, their program completion date may be their graduation date, thesis/dissertation defense date, or last day of classes. If the student has met all degree requirements, but their graduation date will be delayed an extra semester because they missed the deadline to apply for graduation, their completion date should be their defense date, last day of classes, or the end date of the semester in which they met all degree requirements.