International Rams

CSU is home to more than 2,000 international students from around the world. Click on their names to learn more about our International Rams, or apply to be featured.

Soumojit Bose

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: PhD in Electrical Engineering

“CSU has an environment that mixes work and play in equal proportion-you have something that helps people attain ultimate satisfaction.”


They Nguyen

Country of Citizenship: Vietnam
Program of Study: Economics

“I think the biggest difference is that you have more help here. In Vietnam we don’t have the office hours that professors hold here, so that’s definitely the biggest help this school offers.”


Diego Velez Lebrun

Country of Citizenship: Colombia
Program of Study: B.S. Management and Finance

“Colorado State University has a beautiful and active campus with one of the most qualified faculties. The opportunities provided to students are incredible and are designed to help you succeed.”


Armen Ghazaryan

Country of Citizenship: Armenia
Program of Study: PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics

“One thing that I have already noticed is that CSU is a really good place for maintaining a healthy study-work-life balance. So, if it is important for students who are considering CSU, I would advise them to definitely try to enjoy everything that CSU, Fort Collins and Colorado have to offer.”


Maryam Aïda Tidjani

Country of Citizenship: Cameroon
Program of Study: Engineering Interest 

“I made the best choice coming to CSU. I felt home and welcomed the second I arrived on campus and the classes are interesting and challenging. It’s one of the best places to find your selves.”


Irina Aimukanova

Country of Citizenship: Kazakhstan
Program of Study: B.S. in Neuroscience

“When coming to a new place, it is very important to be in a community where everyone is ready to help you. I think INTO and global village do a great job with creating that kind of atmosphere.”


Luis Fernando Monterrosa

Country of Citizenship: El Salvador
Program of Study: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

“The progressive community surrounding CSU is perfect for those who feel like outsiders in the United States to find a place that helps them feel a bit more like home, as well as progress into making this community their new home.”


Tulsi Ram Gompo

Country of Citizenship: Nepal
Program of Study: M.S. in Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Epidemiology)

“I want to be a veterinary epidemiologist and investigates the infectious diseases that are transmitted between animal and human beings, like tuberculosis, brucellosis and rabies. Ultimately, I would like to contribute my research outcomes to the animal welfare and wellbeing of our society.”


Mohtadi Ben Fraj

Country of Citizenship: Tunisia
Program of Study: M.S. in Computer Science

“Being away from my family and my friends is hard at the beginning but living in a very diverse environment was very valuable to my personal growth.”



Sanket Mane

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Information Systems

“If I wasn’t an engineer, I would have definitely been a photographer…I love photography. It helps me explore my creative side and being a photographer lets me make new and diverse friends”


NoahAlHadidiAmiga_SquareNoah Al Hadidi

Country of Citizenship: Oman
Program of Study: Applied Computing Technology

“My goal in life is to complete my education and get my doctorate…then work here in the U.S. or return to Oman and start an educational center for the blind.”


Adina DumitracheAdina_Square

Country of Citizenship: Romania
Program of Study: Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Study, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

“Find a mentor that you will enjoy working with during your program. It’s important to have a good mentor that will support your professional development, but who will also treat you like a valuable human being.”


HaoLu_Square_WebHao Lu

Country of Citizenship: China
Program of Study: Master of Natural Resources Stewardship (specialization in Ecological Restoration)

“I knew Colorado was a beautiful place years before I came from John Denver’s popular song ‘Rocky Mountain High’.”


stine_squareStine Hoff Austgulen

Country of Citizenship: Norway
Program of Study: Dietetics 

“”I want to play basketball for as long as possible and then I want to be a dietitian and work with athletes.”



Mirnahiking_squareMirna Ayshoa

Country of Citizenship: Iraq
Program of Study: M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology

“I had a life changing experience through this university and this is why I preferred to be here for my master’s degree.”



Muhammad Zaheer_squareMuhammad Usman Zaheer

Country of Citizenship: Pakistan
Program of Study: Ph.D. Clinical Sciences. Concentration in Epidemiology

“I want to be in academics and research when I go back to Pakistan. I would like to translate the knowledge that I am acquiring here for the betterment of humans, animals and the universe, through improved human health, and ensuring safe food for humans.”


Krishaporn Kradngnga Photo_Square_webKrishaporn Kradangnga

Country of Citizenship: Thailand
Program of Study: Ph.D. program in the Department of Clinical Sciences

“As a foreign student, being away from your home country and out of your area of comfort are a great deal in life. CSU provides many helpful sources for us to make us feel humble and less far away from home.”


AkshayBung_SquareAkshay Kumar Bung

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S. in Electrical Engineering

“My country is a land of vast history, cultures and traditions where people of different religions co-exist peacefully. People here are very passionate about performing things, whether it’s in the field of education or sports.”


LorenzoCapra_squareLorenzo Capra

Country of Citizenship: Italy
Program of Study: Economics major, History minor

“I decided to study at CSU because I heard great things from my friends and the location of the school. I love to be right next to the mountain because it is the same environment as where I’m from, Torino.”


Aparna_SquareAparna Regunathan

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S. in Computer information Systems 

“Learn to be social. Being social and interacting with other international students is always healthy. CSU is an amazing university with a lot of extra curricular activities that will help you add a little fun to your masters program. Fort Collins is a safe and friendly town, especially for students.”


ApichartVasutapituks_SquareApichart Vasutapituks

Country of Citizenship: Thailand
Program of Study: Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering

“The university is located in Fort Collins, which is in the top ten ranking of the best cities to live in. The city has a good environment and nice people. I’m so proud of being a CSU student.”



Laila Aladwani Pic

Laila Aladwani

Country of Citizenship: Kuwait
Program of Study: Animal Science

“Fort Collins has been a great place to volunteer with different organizations as well as get my outdoor fix with hiking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. There’s so much to do in Colorado and so many ways to get involved, its great!!”


Sandy_squareShi (Sandy) Yi

Country of Citizenship: China
Program of Study: Economics, Minor in Business Administration





JafarSadek_squareJafar Sadek

Country of Citizenship: Bangladesh
Program of Study: Student Affairs in Higher Education

“I decided to study at CSU because of its excellent faculties in my field and practical experience opportunity through graduate assistant-ship.”



TanyaBenjamin_squareTanya Benjamin

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S Occupational Therapy

“I hope be able to use my knowledge and skill to develop programs for children with disabilities living in the developing regions of the world.”



Zalak_squareZalak Solanki

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S. in Computer Information Systems

“Decide what you wants to do in life, and chose your career wisely, and chose your college more wisely. Your present decisions will become your identity in future.”



AjitKarna_squareAjit Karna

Country of Citizenship: Nepal
Program of Study: Ph.D. in Virology

“I like teaching and I would like to be in research and teach students at the same time, either at a university or some research companies.”



Dominik Holasek Photo SQUAREDominik Holasek

Country of Citizenship: Czech Republic
Program of Study: Master of Science in Financial Risk Management

“You will never be bored with all the activities, clubs, and sports CSU has to offer. I am glad I chose CSU.”


Dulcinea Gomez SquareDulcinea Gomez

Country of Citizenship: Spain
Program of Study: Master in Languages, Literatures and Cultures

“My career goals are to become a Spanish professor and to do research about different cultures and how those cultures have influence in literature.”


FullSizeRenderEmilie Hesseldal

Country of Citizenship: Denmark
Program of Study: Communications Studies

“This team is very special. Balancing between academics and sports has been easier at CSU, as we have a lot more resources, such as the Academic Center.”


jerry Bremer SquareJerry Bremer

Country of Citizenship: Switzerland
Program of Study: Economics Major, Business Minor

“I play drums, and sports, and I speak 6 languages.”



Nashit Alam SquareNashit Alam

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering

“There is no better place to be in U.S. than here, in FoCo. And I’m not the only person saying this.”

Nikhil Patil SquareNikhil Patil

Country of Citizenship: India
Program of Study: MS Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Fort Collins is lovely place to live and enjoy. You will find new friends, you can mingle with international friends here, while interacting with them you will come to know the different cultures from all part of the world which gives you global exposure.”



Caio Pereria

Country of Citizenship: Brazil
Program of Study: Political Science

“Colorado is a very special place. Not only for its glorious landscape, but its people are what makes this state so amazing.”


Senna_squareSenna Saraswati

Country of Citizenship: Indonesia
Program of Study: MBA Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprise (GSSE)

“Before I came to the States, I had seen tons of incredible pictures of Colorado so when I first found out about the GSSE program, I knew CSU was the place I wanted to be.”


DennisCheah_square_smallDennis Cheah

Country of Citizenship: Singapore
Program of Study: Undeclared – Business Seeking 

“I had my sights set on leaving Singapore after high school from a very young age and picturesque Colorado seemed like an interesting change from the big city.”


Rebecca Girma

Country of Citizenship: Ethiopia 
Program of Study: Mathematics 

“I have the amazing opportunity to meet other international students and help them with their transition into CSU and Fort Collins. I love that I get to meet people from different aspects of life everyday.”