International Friends


Would you like the opportunity to see an American home, learn about American culture and experience American family life? In the International Friends program, international students and scholars will be paired with a community friend or family according to mutual interests.

Students will be expected to meet with their community friend once/month. Through the friendships that develop both students and community members increase their awareness and appreciation of each others culture.

You can find the International Student application form here!

Community Members

Families, couples and/or individuals are matched with an international student or scholar to make friends from all over the world. Hosts can invite their international friend to join them in family activities, picnics, outings to the mountains or community events and provide a welcoming home to visit. Hosts make a commitment to meet with their student at least monthly. Relationships that develop increase awareness and appreciation of other cultures and can lead to life-long-friendships.

You can find the Community Member application form here!

Please contact for more details on the program!