Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements and should do so before arriving in Fort Collins. The Off-Campus Life office at CSU has created a comparison of costs for living on campus versus living off campus, which may be of interest as you make your housing arrangements.

Note: all first-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus and are guaranteed a spot on campus.

University Housing

Residence Halls

All students and scholars are able to apply for housing in Residence Halls. This is a good option if you prefer to live as close as possible to campus. Residence Halls require the purchase of a campus meal plan. Explore Residence Hall options.

University Apartments

Aggie VillageComprised of 3 apartment buildings – Cottonwood, Lodgepole, and Walnut. Home to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-docs and visiting scholars.

Aggie Village FamilyAggie Village Family provides a home to families, including students, faculty, and staff. Families and couples with and without children are able to enjoy social, cultural, and education activities.

International HouseInternational House offers a welcoming and culturally diverse living and learning environment. International House is home to 200 students who are at least 23-years-old or graduate students.

University VillageUniversity Village offers apartments in an academically supportive, family environment for students who are interested in living in an interactive community of more than 1000 residents.


Availability is limited, and it fills up quickly, so please apply online and submit the deposit as soon as possible.

Move-in Dates

The official move-in day for CSU residence halls is the Thursday before the start of the semester. Meal plans also begin that day.

The earliest possible date to move in is the Saturday prior to the official move-in date. International students are allowed to move in early, but you must notify your residence hall of your desired early move-in date. You will be charged $60 per day for moving in early. This charge includes your room and 3 meals each day in one of the CSU dining centers.

Closures over Breaks

Most residence halls close over official university breaks. About half of the residence halls remain open over Fall and Spring Breaks, while fewer remain open over Winter Break. If you are living in one of the open residence halls, you may remain in your room during the break. Otherwise you will be required to temporarily move to an open hall. Housing over university breaks has an additional cost which includes room and meals. This will be charged to your student account.

Get more info and apply for University Housing

Off-Campus Housing

If you prefer to live off-campus, start looking for options prior to arrival. Students often share accommodations in order to reduce costs. Some apartment options are furnished.

Off-Campus Life at CSU is a resource for students who want to live off campus.

  • Resources for international students Includes Fort Collins tenant laws, tips for signing a lease and how to get around town
  • Rental Search– Search other CSU students’ listings for available rooms, rentals and roommates near campus–or post your own listing. You must have your eID in order to access this resource.
  • Apartment Complex List – A comprehensive list of apartments within 2 miles of CSU. Includes apartment details and amenities.

Community Members Offering Rooms – International Students & Scholar Services keeps a housing list of community members offering housing arrangements specifically for international students. Email isss@colostate.edu for the most current list.

Contact Student Legal Services before you sign a lease. Renting in the U.S. may be different than what you expect.

Some information on leases:

  • A lease is a legally-binding document and it can be very expensive to change after signing it.
  • Ending a lease early may require you to find someone to take over your lease or you will incur significant expenses.
  • Be careful not to accidentally sign or initial a lease electronically simply by reading a lease online.
  • Do not rely on verbal or written promises made by the leasing agents. The lease wipes out any previous promises or understandings.

Other Resources

CSU International RamsA Facebook group for the CSU international community. Connect with other students, look for apartments or roommates, or get additional information.

Northern Colorado Rentals Connects local landlords and renters.

Zillow – A free housing rental search website.

Craigslist  Posts local listings of housing and other items for sale.

Temporary Housing

The Office of International Programs requires new international students to be here in time to attend International Student Orientation. Depending on when you arrive and when your housing is available, you may need to find temporary housing for your first few nights in Fort Collins. Read on below for various temporary housing options.

Temporary Homestay Program

The Fort Collins International Center homestay program invites international students to stay 3 to 5 nights in a local family’s home for free. You are expected to have permanent housing arrangements by the time your homestay is over.

To request a temporary homestay family, please complete the Homestay Request Form and make sure to click the ‘submit‘ button once you have completed the form. Do not book transportation from the airport until you have been assigned your homestay and given their address.

If you have questions concerning your application or haven’t received a response within two weeks,  email homestay.fcic@gmail.com or isss@colostate.edu with the subject ‘Temporary Homestay Program’.

Other Accommodations

Temporary Housing Suggestions
A list of nearby apartment complexes offering short-term lease options. Includes approximate rental costs.

Fernweh Inn and Hostel
Offers both private and shared rooms. Located .5 mi from CSU.

Solarium International Inn and Hostel
Offers both private and shared rooms. Located 1.5 mi from CSU.

Hotels in Fort Collins
You may choose to stay in one of the hotels located near campus.

Short-term rentals in houses or apartments available in Fort Collins.

International Student Organizations

ISSS maintains a list of all registered international student clubs at CSU. If your country has an international student group at CSU, you may choose to contact the organization to see if they can assist with temporary housing.