Departure Form

Fill out the Departure eForm if you have or decide to:

  • Graduated from or completed your program
  • Transfer to another U.S. university or college
  • Transfer to a university outside of the U.S.
  • Go home permanently
  • Withdraw from CSU
  • Change to another visa status

Instructions to complete the form

  1. Fill out all of the required fields, marked with an asterisk. Choose at least one “Reason for Leaving.”
  2. Click submit at the bottom of the e-form.
  3. Optional: Fill out the Departure Survey provided in the submission confirmation email


Click here to view a preview of the e-form.

You cannot submit the preview form. If you would like to submit the actual form, click here.


  • After receiving this eForm, ISSS will complete your current F-1/J-1 immigration record.
  • Do not submit this form if you need your current immigration record to remain active (for example, if you will stay in the U.S. on OPT or Academic Training). Please see an ISSS advisor with any questions.