Cultural Mentor Program

The Cultural Mentor Team is a group of U.S. American and international student volunteers who have been trained to assist new international students with their adjustment to the U.S., on everything from finding housing to tips about Fort Collins to cultural adjustment.

Interested in Becoming a Cultural Mentor?

 The application to be a Cultural Mentor is currently closed. Visit our application page for information!

Why Connect?

We will assign you a Cultural Mentor who will communicate with you throughout the summer. The Cultural Mentors will also have various activities each semester. Cultural Mentors provide students with a great opportunity to connect with others, share in fun experiences, build a support system, and learn about various cultures from around the world!


Cultural Mentor Events:

In addition to being paired with a Cultural Mentor who can answer your questions, the team of Cultural Mentors regularly hosts activities and events open to all international students!

Past events have included: 

  • Night at the Corn Maze
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Intramural Basketball Team
  • Ice Skating
  • Scavenger hunt of Old Town
  • Salsa Dancing lessons
  • Game Night
  • Karaoke Night
  • Movie Nights
  • Valentine’s Day Card-making Party
  • Easter Egg Dying/Hunting Party
  • Trip to the “Cheap Theater”
  • Laser Tag
  • Day in Boulder
  • and more!!


Alfy Joseph George

Master’s in Civil Engineering

Hobbies: Climate change, hiking, climbing, running, biking, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, reading, and traveling!
Places Visited:  New Zealand, Spain, Colorado, India.
Reasons why I love CSU: I love CSU because everyone is so welcoming and interested in people from other parts of the world. I have managed to find people who enjoy my favorite sports including hiking and snowboarding as well as community projects and interest groups that keep me engaged 24/7!

Anna Slage

Senior in Widlife Biology

Hobbies: Horticulture Major/ Hobbies include biking, hiking and camping!
Places Visited: Lived: Chicago Illinois, Arlee Montana, Visited: Sweden, Iceland, France, Norway, England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland.
Interesting Fact About Me: I love waking up being able to see the mountains everyday, the weather is beautiful and the people here are very kind hearted and pleasant.

Gaurav Harshe
Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hobbies: Sketching and painting on glass, canvas, sandpaper, plastic, walls, (almost anything). Exploring Colorado’s landscapes.
Places Visited: Lived: Mumbai, India and Fort Collins, US. Visited: Nepal.
Interesting Fact About Me: I have been a vegetarian all my life. You can find me attending some of the 250+ CSU UCA’s events, making new friends and catching up with besties over dinner or planning fun events. Scouring for good content on Netflix and other cable-cutters.

Edrees Al-Abdali
Sophomore in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Hobbies: Relevant Skills: Good Communication skills in Arabic and English, Microsoft Office, Trouble shooting. Hobbies: (varies depending on the season): Hiking, biking, PC games, learning languages, board games, cooking, watching Anime, learning from educational YouTube channels.
Places Visited:
 Lived: Oman, Fort Collins, CO, USA. Visited: Saudi Arabia.
Interesting Fact About Me: I love CSU because it has an awesome interational program that other universities don’t have, nice community members, and is located in the beautiful Fort Collins area.

Emad Hassan
Ph.D. candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hobbies: Nature, Traveling, Soccer, gaming
Places Visited: Lived and visited: Egypt, United Arab Emirates and USA.
Reasons why I love CSU: I love the pretty nature, crazy weather, diverse community and how friendly and supportive the people in CSU!

Hazelle Tomlin
Master’s in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting

Hobbies: Climate change, hiking, climbing, running, biking, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, reading, and traveling!
Places Visited: Lived in New Zealand, Spain, Colorado, Spain and USA. Visited 25 countries in Europe, as well as Japan, Singapore, Bali, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Bolivia.
Reasons why I love CSU: I love CSU because everyone is so welcoming and interested in people from other parts of the world. I have managed to find people who enjoy my favorite sports including hiking and snowboarding as well as community projects and interest groups that keep me entertained 24/7! 

Hussain Alabdullah

Junior in Electrical Engineering

Hobbies: Soccer, Volleyball, photography, Film maker, Video and board games, and Discovering
Places Visited: Lived: Saudi Arabia – Fort Collins, USA. Visited: France.
Reasons why I love CSU: Because it is a multicultural area, have a have many activities to do, diverse and friendly people.

Jennifer Fermin
Master’s in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA

Hobbies: Sustainability and business are my areas of expertise. As for my hobbies, I like reading, going to the movies, bowling, cooking and hanging out with friends.
Places Visited: Lived: The Dominican  Republic and Fort Collins, USA. Visited: Canada, Panama, Colombia.
Interesting Fact About Me: The diversity, the sense of security and community

Jess Egnatovich

Master’s in Spanish/TEFL

Hobbies: Exercise, running; Spanish, Portuguese, grammar; learning languages; traveling
Places Visited: New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland
Reasons why I love CSU: Everyone is so friendly! You can stop and say, “Hi” to anyone, and they will reply with a smile. The international community and programs are what attracted me back to CSU because I think there are so many people to meet and get to know. The campus is beautiful, and the instructors are super supportive and want to see you succeed.

Joohee Lee
Master’s in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA

Hobbies: Hiking, climbing.
Places Visited: Lived: South Korea, Fort Collins in U.S. Visited: UK, Austria, Viet Nam, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hawaii, Philippines.
Interesting Fact About Me: CSU gave me an opportunity of stepping up to make my future and that’s what I really want to do.

Joyce Xinyi
Junior in Political Science(Major) and International Development(Minor)

Hobbies: Reading, travelling and food!
Places Visited: Lived:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fort Collins, CO and San Jose, CA. Visited: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Fort Collins; although I did live briefly in San Jose, CA. I have visited over 15 countries, including Australia, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand etc.
Reasons why I love CSU: The fact that there are 300 days of sunshine and you can always see the mountains (as long as you are looking westwards). I also especially love that CSU is extremely welcoming and accepting of individuals from all backgrounds. 

Julia Kallis
Sophomore in Music Performance

Hobbies: Music, hiking, graphic design, tea drinking, yoga.
Places Visited: Denver, Colorado
Reasons why I love CSU: CSU is a laid-back yet driven campus, and the people in the community are genuine and kind! It’s also a beautiful campus.


 Ismail Alhelal
Senior in Chemical & Biological Engineering

Hobbies: Picnic, BBQ, soccer, cooking & photographing.
Places Visited: Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Reasons why I love CSU: Beautiful Campus, Safe city, and friendly people of Fort Collins!

 Reza Ameri
Ph.D. in Structural Engineering

Places Visited: Lived in: Iran and USA; Visited: Turkey, Italy, UAE, and Saudi Arabia
Interesting Fact About Me: I was once swimming in the ocean and was pulled out from shore by the rip-current and almost drowned before I was rescued.


 Laxmitej Vengala
Master’s in Computer Information Systems

Places Visited:
Reasons why I love CSU:

 Mae Carreon
Junior in Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychology

Expert Areas:
– Great interpersonal skills
– Balancing schedule/organizational skills/time management
– Listening

– Exploring different places (restaurants, museums) /traveling
– Hiking
– Movies/Netflix
– Photography
Places Visited: Lived in: Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, San Antonio, Texas, Fort Collins, CO. Visited: Cuba.
Reasons why I love CSU: – Always events to welcome all kinds of students
– Beautiful campus (bonus: Horsetooth)
– Most of my professors have their Ph.D.
– Plenty of resources to be successful in school
– Plenty of opportunities to get involved

 Manci Li
Senior in Biomedical Sciences, Microbiology

Hobbies: Research, violin, singing.
Places Visited: Lived: Beijing, Fort Collins, Minneapolis. Visited: China, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands.
Reasons why I love CSU: Always proud to be a RAM!

 Maria Jose Munoz Muro
Junior in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Hobbies: I love sports and animals, I used to play basketball in high school and practiced taekwondo!
Places Visited: I’m from Peru but I’ve been living in Aspen for four months and now I’m here in FoCo.
Reasons why I love CSU: I love the friendliness of most of the people and all the green we have.

 Yasmine Zaid
Junior in International Studies(Major), French, Business Administration & Real Estate(Minors)

Hobbies: Documentaries, fashion, volleyball, travelling.
Places Visited:
Lived: Marrakech – Morocco, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.
Visited: France, UK, Australia, Cuba, Canada and many others!
Reasons why I love CSU: CSU is located in a city that is completely student oriented. I love the student culture that goes on especially the positive reinforcement. You will feel right at home because there is a community for every one of you!

Qingyuan(Mike) Sun
Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Hobbies: I’m Mike Sun, I originally come from China, have been Fort Collins for two years. Currently, I’m working on my Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education at CSU and have multiple roles on campus. If you see me around, say hi to me! I love seeing musicals, movies, singing karaoke, playing video games and work out!  Let’s make friends and tell me what I can do for you so you can have the best experience at CSU!
Places Visited: China, Mexico, France, Spain, Greece
Reasons why I love CSU: People around me at CSU are my family.

 Syed Naqvi
Senior in Economics

Places Visited:
Interesting Fact About Me:

 Salman Alhaddad
Sophomore in Biology

Hobbies: Hiking, running, technology , TV shows and reading.
Places Visited: Saudi Arabia.
Reasons why I love CSU: it’s a lovely place

Xiya Li
Senior in Psychology

Hobbies: Psychology, watching movies
Places Visited: China, USA.
Reasons why I love CSU: Everyone I met here was nice and help me a lot.