Concurrent Enrollment Form (Advisor)

Instructions to complete the form

  1. You should sign Section B of the form if the courses the student plans to take at the other institution will transfer back to CSU and contribute to the student’s academic program requirements.
  2. Give the Concurrent Enrollment Form back to the student to submit to ISSS.


  • An F-1 student may be enrolled in two different schools at one time as long as the combined enrollment amounts to a full-time course of study:
    • Undergraduate students = 12 credits
    • Graduate students = 9 credits
  • The concurrent enrollment provision requires the school from which the student will earn his or her degree or certificate to issue and maintain Form I-20, to handle all SEVIS and other reporting requirements, and to ensure that the student is pursuing a full course of study.
  • On-campus employment can only be at the school listed on the I-20.
  • Students are expected to take at least 6 credits at CSU while concurrently enrolled at another institution.