Max & Peggy Becker Lifetime Volunteer Award Recipient

Office of International Programs honors the efforts of volunteers

Each spring, the Office of International Programs and Colorado State University seek to recognize an outstanding community volunteer (individual or couple) who has worked closely with the Office of International Programs toward continuous efforts in the area of international outreach over the last two years. The recipient will be recognized for significant lifetime volunteer acts that have helped promote international education and understanding within the larger CSU and Fort Collins community. Examples include organizing international awareness events, assisting with international student activities, volunteer leadership involvement in non-profit international organizations, and repeatedly helping international friends/guests or showing exceptional compassion as a global citizen. The recipient is recognized at the Office of International Programs and Fort Collins International Center’s Volunteer Appreciation Party.


2018 Max and Peggy Becker Lifetime Award winner

Congratulations to Judy Hill, the 2018 recipient of the Max & Peggy Becker Lifetime Volunteer Award!

Judy Hill was recognized by the Office of International Programs at CSU for her outstanding contributions to the international community of Fort Collins. Judy has helped with various FCIC programs. She is most involved in the International Women’s Club which she supported restarting and has attended weekly meetings since. She has also served as a substitute English teacher for the Conversational English classes, driven GASP students to school presentations, and helped at numerous Friday Afternoon Club potlucks. She has also helped countless international students and scholars on a personal level, taking them shopping, helping answer healthcare questions, having them over for holidays, and many other activities. As one of her nominees wrote, Judy “has had a positive impact on the lives of countless foreign students, scholars, and their families and Colorado State University.”

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