Weekend in the Mountains

Photo courtesy of Sanket Mane

Photo courtesy of Sanket Mane

Intercultural Retreat

Location: CSU Mountain Campus
Date: Saturday and Sunday, September 30th – October 1, 2017

Weekend in the Mountains is a weekend retreat geared toward first-time attendees. Returning attendees are welcome if space allows. This unique program takes participants up to the CSU Mountain Campus for a weekend of bonding and intercultural activities. Activities include small group discussions, hiking outdoors, a cultural talent show, and more. Many remember this as a highlight of their time at CSU!

Last Fall, about 100 students from 22 countries attended the retreat. Activities change each year, but they always focus on a few primary goals: Culture, Community, and Colorado. We hope you’ll  develop tools to help your cultural transition to the US, while building relationships with new friends from all over the world in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Favorite activities include:

  • Walking through the beautiful winter landscape of the Rocky Mountains
  • Bonding with new friends from all over the world
  • Performing in the International Talent Show
  • Participating in the low ropes course


Stay tuned for more information!