International Student Organizations at CSU

Join the CSU International Rams Facebook group for info on all the international student organization events open to the public, plus other international student programming from ISSS!

We encourage you to join some of the groups below, but it is also easy for you to create your own Student Organization. Consider joining the Council of International Student Affairs (COISA) or the Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) if you’d like to be part of an intercultural and multinational club.

Afghan Student Association
Contact: Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi

Africans United

Contact: Stephanie Acheampong

Amani Club (African Students)
Contact: Elizabeth Gicharu

Chinese Language Club
Contact: Connor Wertz

Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Contact: Chunwei Zhou

CSSA Website

Council of International Student Affairs

Contact: Navya Immadisetty

CSU Russian Club

Contact: Kseniya Walcott

El Centro
Staff: Brandy Ortiz

European Student Association

Contact: Claire Stein

French Club (Le Cercle Francais)

Contact: Chloe Craft

German Club
Contact: Bryce Davis

Indian Students Association

Contact: Gaurav Harshe

Iranian Student Organization

Contact: Mohammadreza Soleimanian

Japan Club

Contact: Stephanie Maggio

Japanese Student Association

Contact: Terutaka Funabashi
JSA Website

Korean Student Association
Contact: Chee Young Yoon

Latin American Students and Scholars Organization
Contact: Catalina Camacho

Libyan Student Association
Contact: Zeyad Arhouma

Malaysian Student Association

Contact: Chelsea Tan

Muslim Student Association
Contact: Thani Holt-Middleton

Nepali Student Association

Contact: Ajit Karna

Omani Student Association
Contact: Sohail Alharmali

Pakrams: Pakistan Rams Society
Contact: Ali Abbas

PERMIAS (Indonesia)

Contact: Neil Andika

Saudi Student House
Contact: Salem Alaqeel

Taiwanese Student Association

Contact: Tzu jui Yu

Thai Student Association

Contact: Krishaporn Kradangnga


Turkish Students & Scholars at CSU Club
Contact: Mehmet Ogut


Vietnamese Student Association
Contact: Quy Khuc