We strongly advise you to arrange your living accommodations before your arrival in Fort Collins. The Off-Campus Life office at CSU has created a comparison of costs for living on campus versus living off campus, which may be of interest as you make your housing arrangements.

CSU Residence Halls

Undergraduate Students

First-year freshmen are required to live on campus and are guaranteed housing. Learn more about your options and how to apply below!

Graduate Students

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply for housing in Residence Life, firstly because of the long wait to receive Apartment Life housing (expect to move in 5 months after applying), and secondly, because Fort Collins has a shortage of rental housing available. Out of every 100 off-campus housing options, less than 2 places are available to move in.

The third reason is that on-campus life is a big part of American college culture and being a part of the on-campus community provides a network of people and resources that greatly support your academic success!

Waiting for Apartment Life?

Those who are applying to Apartment Life are encouraged to apply for Residence Life at the same time. That way, when you are told you must wait until Spring 2017 to move into a CSU Apartment, you will still be able to live in a Residence Hall while you wait. This means you can move out of your residence hall at any point in the semester without losing your deposit, and without any fees.

Keep in mind that choosing an off-campus apartment while you wait for Apartment Life to open up is less convenient: it usually requires signing a 1 year lease that will charge fees if you move out early; you will also have to buy or rent furniture which you will not need to take with you when you move to your CSU Apartment, since those are already furnished.

Best Residence Halls for International Graduate Students:

  • Westfall Hall: Enjoy the International Community Theme in this hall, plus the 12th floor is meant specifically for graduate students! It is one of only 2 halls that stay open during winter break.
  • Parmelee: Don’t want to buy a large meal plan? Parmelee offers lots of communal kitchen space for cooking. It is one of only 2 halls that stay open during winter break.
  • Laurel Village: Don’t want to buy a large meal plan? Laurel Village offers lots of communal kitchen space for cooking. This is a brand-new residence hall!
  • Summit: Don’t want to buy a large meal plan? Summit offers lots of communal kitchen space for cooking.

Best meal plans for graduate students: The U-Plan is best for students who will do their own cooking; it allows you 5 meals per week on a flexible plan.


Availability is limited, and it fills up quickly, so please apply online and submit the deposit as soon as possible. You can find applications for both Apartment Life and Residence Halls here: www.housing.colostate.edu/prospective-students.

Residence Halls

There are 13 Residence Halls on campus, each offering different features. Rooms are set up for two students; single rooms are sometimes available for an additional fee. Residence hall contracts include a meal plan and will last the entire school year. For more information about the different residence halls and meal plan options, visit the Residence Life website.

Upon being admitted, undergraduate students are sent a Housing Guide to provide more details about the services from Residence Life. Room assignments will be sent at the end of July; this is when you learn your room number and the name of your roommate.

Move-in Dates

More updated details can be found on CSU’s Housing website.

The earliest possible date to move into a residence hall is Saturday, August 11, 2018, at 8:00 a.m.  International students are allowed to move in early, but you must notify your residence hall of your desired early move-in date.

The official opening day of CSU residence halls is Thursday, August 16, at 8:00 a.m. You will be charged $60 per day for moving in early; this charge includes your room and 3 meals each day in one of the CSU dining centers. (Regular meal plans begin Thursday, August 16, 2018). As soon as you know your arrival date, notify your residence hall to make sure you will be allowed to move in early!

Closures over Breaks

Residence halls close over breaks, and while many students use this time to travel or stay with friends, some students choose to remain living in a Residence Hall. This service costs $35 per day and includes room and meals ($15 RamCash will be credited to you for use at the Durrell Express to purchase food, or any other service accepting RamCash). You will be able to register online if you wish to stay in your residence hall over breaks; registration opens at least two weeks prior to the start of break.


CSU Apartment Life


Availability is limited, and it fills up quickly, so please apply online and submit the deposit as soon as possible. As an example, the only students able to receive a January 2018 move-in date are those who applied by November 2018. If you still haven’t applied yet, expect to wait until the Fall 2018 semester before an apartment opens up for you.


Living in Apartment Life is worth it! Affordable prices, close to campus, community activities and support, plus furnished apartments are all part of what makes CSU Apartment Life desirable. Apply for CSU Apartment Life today, but please also apply for Residence Life at the same time. There will be no penalty for you to cancel your Residence Life application or to switch from your residence hall halfway through the semester; those moving to a CSU apartment will have their deposit returned. Learn more about applying to Apartment Life.

CSU Apartments

Families: On-campus housing for families is available in University Village with 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, as well as in Aggie Village with 2 bedroom apartments.

Single Students over age 23: You may live in International House with 1 or 2 bedroom apartments or in Aggie Village or University Village with 2 bedroom apartments.

Intercultural Connections Community: This special community is open for single students under age 23, in 2 bedroom apartments.

For more information about on-campus apartments visit: www.housing.colostate.edu/apartments


Off Campus Housing

If you prefer to live off-campus, you should arrive as early as possible to make appropriate arrangements, as the Fort Collins rental market can be pretty competitive. Off campus housing options include apartments and houses around Fort Collins, often with roommates or housemates.

CSU Resources

Off-Campus Life – Off Campus Life at CSU is a resource for students who are moving and living off campus. Whether you need to find a place to live, need information about leases, want to stay connected while living off campus, or need ordinance and party information, Off Campus Life can help. They also have a page of resources specifically for international students.

CSU Rental Search – Search other CSU students’ listings for available rooms, rentals and roommates near campus–or post your own listing: rentalsearch.colostate.edu (You must first obtain your Electronic Identification user name (EID).

Community Members Offering Rooms – International Students & Scholar Services at CSU keeps a Housing List of community members offering housing arrangements specifically for international students. Email Nancy.Sturtevant@colostate.edu for the most current list.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (491-1482) is located in Room 182 of the Lory Student Center, and you must bring your student ID with you to make an appointment. Check out their list of common legal questions to do with housing.

Contact Student Legal Services BEFORE you sign a lease! Renting in the U.S. may be different than what you expect.

  • Once you sign a lease you are obligated.
  • It is very expensive to change your mind and try to back out. Usually, this requires expensive fees and you are required to find your own renter to take over for you. If you can’t find a replacement, you will be liable for the whole term of the lease.
  • Be careful not to accidentally sign a lease electronically simply by reading a lease online. Do not initial pages to move through an online lease unless you intend to electronically sign it.
  • Do not rely on verbal or written promises made by the leasing agents. The lease wipes out any previous promises or understandings.

Get help early in your process from Student Legal Services: sls_intake@mail.colostate.edu

Helpful Websites Not Affiliated with CSU:

CSU Student-Run Housing Facebook Group – CSU students have created a facebook group for Housing, where you can find the most up-to-date offers of leases, sub-lets and roommates. New listings are posted daily.

NorthernColoradoRentals.com  This rental property website connects landlords and renters in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland and other Northern Colorado towns.

Fort Collins Coloradoan  the local newspaper lists units available for rent or purchase. The paper can be obtained at the Lory Student Center and in most businesses throughout Fort Collins. You can also view the listings online.

Craigslist  The Fort Collins version of Craigslist posts local listings of housing as well as items for sale (often used). Click on the “apts/housing” section to find apartments and homes to rent; find people looking for roommates under “rooms/shared”; find short-term rentals under “sublets/temporary.”

Temporary Housing

The office of International Programs requires new international students to be here in time to attend the orientation programs. Depending on when you arrive and when your housing is available, you may need to find temporary housing for your first few nights in Fort Collins. Read on below for various temporary housing options.

Temporary Home-stay Program

The Fort Collins International Center Home-stay Program invites international students to stay 3 to 5 nights in the home of a local family, for free. You are expected to have permanent housing arrangements available by the time your Home-stay is over. To request a Temporary Home-stay Family, please complete the Home-stay Request Form below

Please do not book transportation from the airport until you have been assigned your HomeStay and given their address. We will get back to you soon with your HomeStay assignment status. If you have any questions concerning your application or haven’t heard from us in two weeks, please contact us via email at: homestay.fcic@gmail.com or at isss@colostate.edu with the Subject ‘Temporary HomeStay Program’.  Thank you for your interest in our program!

Please follow this link to the HomeStay Program online form and make sure to click the ‘Submit‘ button once you have filled the form.

Other Accommodations

Apartments with Short-term Leases
CSU Off Campus Life has many resources for your housing search, including this list of nearby apartment complexes offering temporary housing. They include approximate rental costs.

Hotels in Fort Collins
You may choose to stay in a hotel at an average cost of US $85 to $150 per night.

Temporary Rental in a Home:
There are a small number of families who have space in their homes to temporarily rent to an international student. For more information about this option, please contact our programming coordinator Nancy Sturtevant at nancy.sturtevant@colostate.edu.

Fernweh Inn & Hostel

The Fernweh offers both private and shared rooms, and prides itself on being exceptionally clean, safe, and comfortable. This hostel boasts many amenities for guests, including a fully-equipped kitchen, bikes to borrow, outdoor gear to rent, a costume closet, a huge edible garden during the summer and fall, fire pit, grill, yard games, Netflix and Hulu for the cloudy days, a friendly dog named Cash, and much much more.


Another temporary housing option is to live someone’s home for a few nights through AirBnB.

International Student Organizations

We keep a list of all of the registered international student clubs at CSU. If your country has an international student group at CSU, you may choose to contact the leader of the organization. The group may be able to provide you with temporary housing.


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