Transportation to Fort Collins

Getting to Fort Collins

Most people will fly into Denver International Airport (DIA), and then take a 1.75-hours shuttle ride to Fort Collins. The cost for purchasing a shuttle service is around $35.

Green Ride: (888) 472-6656
Reservations are necessary. Service is about every two hours. The trip takes about 1.75 hours.

Drop off locations

There are several drop-off points in Fort Collins depending on time of arrival. We recommend getting dropped off at your residence, if you are able to move in upon arrival. If arriving during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), you may wish to be dropped off at the CSU Transit Center on campus, which will cost less than a personal location.

Make sure to arrange temporary or long-term housing before you arrive, so you can decide where to be dropped off. Our Housing Resources webpage can help you find housing arrangements, including a 5 day temporary homestay program.


After getting off the plane, you can expect to need 20 minutes to collect checked-baggage, plus an additional 20 minutes to navigate the airport and find the shuttle pickup location. Students who miss the last shuttle to Fort Collins will need to stay overnight in Denver at a hotel near the airport, at their own expense.

Attend Orientation

9564027341_c7f839f599_bAll fully-admitted international students are required to attend orientation, a mandatory program meant to assist you with your transition to CSU. You will attend a specific orientation program based on your level at CSU. Learn more about the programs at the links below:

Graduate Student Orientation

Undergraduate Student Orientation

INTO CSU Orientation

Immigration Document Review

All new international students must complete a mandatory Immigration Document Review. Failure to complete this requirement will result in serious immigration consequences. You can now complete this requirement online, but please do not attempt to fill out the form until after you are physically in the United States.

Before beginning the process, make sure you have the following documents and information ready:

  • CSU eID and password
  • Passport
  • U.S. visa, including your most recent U.S. entry stamp
  • Immigration document: I-20 or DS-2019
  • Name and address of an emergency contact in the U.S. and/or your home country
  • Your local U.S. address & phone number (the address where you are currently staying, even if a temporary address, like a hotel or homestay).
  • Documents for each of your dependents:
    • Passport
    • U.S. visa, including their most recent U.S. entry stamp
    • DS-2019, if you are a J-1 student

If you are in the United States and ready to begin, click here to fill out the immigration document review form.

Update your Mailing Address in RamWeb

Make sure your current U.S. address is kept up-to-date in RamWeb, from the time you find housing and every time you move in the future. You must update your address immediately in order to activate your SEVIS Record. If you change your U.S. address it must be updated in RamWeb within 10 days.

How to Update Your U.S. Mailing Address in RamWeb

1. Login to RamWeb with your E-Name and E-Password

2. Click the“Manage My Student record” link

manage student record link






3. Click “Change My Address” Link

change address link






4. Click “Change” box and type in the following information:

Mailing Address: must be your local current physical US address

Local Address: this should be the same as your mailing address.

change my address link

Register for Classes

All new students are assigned advising codes. This 6-digit number is required before registering and is given to you when you are advised. Undergraduate students, you will learn how to be advised by completing the online International Student Pre-Orientation Module. Graduate students, you will learn how to be advised by reaching out to your graduate department coordinator, who can put you in contact with your advisor.

Once you have your advising code, you may register for classes!

  1. Log onto RAMweb .
  2. Click “Registration” on your RAMweb homepage.
  3. On the next page, select the correct Registration Term, and then click “Submit”.
  4. To locate classes, click on the Class Search at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page. Once you have selected your class(es), click the checkbox beside the sections you want to register for, or type the five-digit Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) for the courses you have selected into the CRN boxes at the bottom.
  5. Click “Submit Changes”.
  6. All successfully added courses will appear under Current Schedule with a status of Registered or Registered on Web with the date.
  7. Any courses for which registration was not successful will appear just above the Add Classes Worksheet and will be identified with a red octagon and the heading of Registration Add Errors.

You may wish to explore the classes being offered each semester before trying to register for them; see the Class Schedule.

The Registrar provides further instructions on registering for classes, as well as a timeline of important dates.

Become Familiar with Canvas

You will use Canvas to access the various courses you have enrolled in. Many classes require you to use it to access course syllabuses, participate in class discussions, and turn in assignments.

Obtain Your Student ID (RamCard)

Your RamCard serves as your student ID. Use it to check out library books, access to dorms and dining centers, use the recreation center, ride the bus for free, attend athletic events, and even add RamCash for use at participating vendors. Bring your CSU ID number to the RamCard Office in the Lory Student Center Room 271.

Watch this video to hear from other students how to use your RamCard:

Learn about Health Insurance

Health Insurance

International students, scholars and their dependents are required to have health insurance.

Watch this video to learn about the Health Care System in the US, and why health insurance is necessary:

Video courtesy of International Student Insurance.

CSU Health Insurance

All International Students who are enrolled at Colorado State University are required to maintain health insurance, and are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan each semester. Each semester, the premium cost will be billed to your student account. Coverage begins on the Monday before classes start (the day before Orientation) and lasts until the next semester’s coverage begins. For more information on this requirement, including coverage dates, premium costs, and lots of other information about the benefits of your plan, please visit the International Student Health Insurance webpage from the CSU Health Network.

NOTE: International students belong to a different group plan than American students for their student health insurance.  If you were billed for the domestic student rate, but believe that you should be billed the international student rate for health insurance, please meet with someone in the Office of International Programs to resolve this issue.  Please note that charges from a previous semester cannot be modified.

Non-CSU Health Insurance

To opt-out of the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan, students must demonstrate proof of comparable coverage via the Insurance waiver process (instructions found on the International Student Health Insurance webpage).  The deadline to submit a waiver request is by the 10th day of classes.

You will automatically be billed the CSU insurance if you do not complete the waiver or if your requested insurance is not comparable to the CSU insurance standards. Dependents are also required to have medical insurance, but are not eligible for CSU health insurance.

Insurance for Dependents

Dependents of international students and scholars are also required to have adequate health insurance. However, CSU no longer offers the option of enrolling spouses, dependents, or domestic partners in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Please look through this list of alternative health insurance services for any family members who will be attending with you.

University Policy

The following is the official University policy regarding health insurance for students and their dependents as issued by the Governing Board of Colorado State University:

August 16, 1978

“All non-immigrant students and accompanying dependents are required to enroll in the Student Health Service’s insurance program (or to show proof of equivalent protection).”

May 22, 1968:

“All full-time, alien students will be required to have reasonable and adequate insurance protection against illness, accident, hospitalization, and death.

The University will negotiate a group insurance policy each year to provide for current minimum standards of protection. Students who document proof of equivalent protection may be exempted from payment of premiums for the University group plan. All other alien students will be assessed the premium from the group plan at the time of payment of tuition and fees.

Providing documentary proof of equivalent insurance coverage is the responsibility of the student. The responsibility of ruling as to equivalency rests with the University.”

If you have any questions about insurance may contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (970) 491-1355.


Submit Health History Forms

Submit your Health Records

Before you can register for your second semester classes, you are required to submit a health history form and email all previous immunization records to Your records must show proof of immunity against measles (two doses), mumps (two doses), and rubella (two doses). If you are missing any, you will have the opportunity to receive these shots at the Hartshorn Health Center during Orientation.

For more information, review the Immunization section of the CSU Health Network website, and the New Student Checklist for the CSU Health Network.

Arrange your Banking

First National Bank is the official banking partner of Colorado State University, and is the only bank with a branch and ATMs located on campus. Many other banks are available in town, and almost all offer a debit card and your first set of checks for free.

To open a bank account, international students must walk into the bank in person. First National Bank is located in the main level of the Lory Student Center. No appointments are necessary; simply say you would like to open an account. Bring your CSU ID number, passport, and I-20 or DS-2019. They will assist you with transferring money from your home country to deposit into your new account.


International Info Newsletter

Sign up for the International Info newsletter to learn about the activities, events & programs being offered to the international community at CSU. Emails will be sent about once a week. You may learn more about the events and programs offered specifically to international students on our webpage.


Buy your Textbooks

Once registered for classes, log on to Canvas and look at the syllabus for each of your classes: the syllabus will provide a list of the textbooks you will need. Remember to budget for the high cost of textbooks, and look for previously-used textbooks at the CSU Bookstore in the lower level of the Lory Student Center.

One other bookstore is near campus: Ram’s Bookstore, located on the corner of Laurel and Mason streets (just across from the Office of International Programs). Online resources like and Amazon sell many textbooks for a better price, but make sure you will get them in time for the start of your class! The CSU Bookstore now has a Comparison Shopping tool which will be helpful, too!

bookstore csu